I particularly liked the mini lemon melting moments, which were super-cute, buttery and crumbly. I was impressed to see the very short ingredients list: wheat flour, butter, custard powder, icing sugar and natural lemon flavour. (Exactly what I’d use if I were making melting moments at home!)


Today I enjoyed breakfast at Rochford Winery and ordered a cup of coffee it was served with your Lemon Melting Moment, by far the best I`ve eaten. So impressed on the way out my friend and I purchased a box of each. Lets just say they didn't last long once I arrived home. My kids just loved them too.


I don’t discriminate. All the cookies are my favourite! Big cookies, little cookies, soft cookies, chewy cookies, hard cookies, sweet, spicy, chocolatey, fruity, oaty. Cookies cookies cookies! But I do have an extra soft spot for Charlie’s Dark Chocolate and Orange Blossom cookies – orange and chocolate is one of my favourite flavours. These little morsels of crunch are just like jaffas but in a cookie so they’re actually better!


I recently flew from Canberra to Melbourne on Qantas and they gave me one of your lemon passionfruit shortbreads. ZOMG LOVE. PS does anyone in Canberra stock your deliciousness?


The passionfruit eclairs!!! I flew with Qantas last week and got to taste this cookie of deliciousness, so light yet flavoursome!!!